Ageless Balance, Strength & Mobility


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What you get:

  • An introductory phone consultation + 7-day free trial
  • Access to twelve 45-min. classes per month
  • Days: Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays
  • Time: 1:30-2:15 p.m. CT
  • An equipment starter package with first monthly subscription payment
  • 2 resistance bands
  • Exercise ball
  • Equipment storage bag
  • Access to on-demand recordings
  • Step-by-step help setting up your computer or tablet

Sessions include:

  • Balance exercises to help  you overcome the fear of  falling
  • Seated and standing stretch and strength exercises with modifications offered to tailor the workout to your needs
  • Movement drills to help you walk anywhere safely and with confidence
  • Opportunities to socialize  with other members 

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Falls threaten seniors’ safety and independence and generate enormous economic and personal costs. However, falling is not an inevitable result of aging. Falls, with or without injury, also carry a heavy quality of life impact. A growing number of older adults fear falling and, as a result, limit their activities and social engagements. This can result in further physical decline, depression, Social isolation, and feelings of helplessness.

We’ll choose the best tests to assess your current falls risk. Using those results, we build a custom program to help you gain strength and balance. You don’t have to overexert yourself to benefit, they only take a few minutes a day, and you can do them right at home.

Balance training promotes body awareness which makes movement more seamless, with less likelihood of injury. It promotes stability in the joints, and improves reaction time when your balance is compromised. Balance training recruits and strengthens muscles, improving mobility and agility. Incorporating balance training into your routine helps to maintain or improve your balance, which is needed to prevent falls and fractures. Incorporating balance training into your life not only improves balance but helps to improve long term health and allows you to live the life you want.


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